M25 Show Episode #233: A Fine Italian Restaurant

Alberto has a special description for eggs. Steve believes you should flush the toilet properly. Eddie is going to get whacked by the rest of the show. David hates when people urinate on the toilet seat. Plus we talk with model Michelle Moralez.

M25 Show Episode #232: With Your Chicken

Alberto would probably cause a bathroom riot under a certain situation. Steve saw a video on the Internet that really upset him. Eddie would get paddled for ten million dollars. David will most likely get Eddie’s girlfriend pregnant is she ever came on the show.

M25 Show Episode #231: Praying Mantis Style

Alberto discovers how Eddie can save lives. Steve remembers how California girls were different than Oklahoma girls. Eddie is back from sick leave. David makes a love connection with a listener. Plus we talk with actress London Grace.

M25 Show Episode #230: Billion Dollar Hand Job

Alberto had doubts about Jussie Smollett from the beginning. Steve thinks Robert Kraft has done nothing wrong. Eddie is out sick today. David believes that you shouldn’t trust the media. Plus we feature the song Bad Music by The Whining Pussys.

M25 Show Episode #227: Every Leaf Has A Name

Alberto thinks is dumb to unfriend someone because of political views. Steve finally makes his NFL Pick’em Challenge victory speech. Eddie has a new fan from Ireland. David wouldn’t talk to a girl because he had just eaten an onion. Plus we talk with model Elizabeth Blanchard.

M25 Show Episode #226: Viet Cong Fumigator

Alberto is accused of jumping the border. Steve recounts his bad experience at a Vietnamese restaurant. Eddie won’t date a female bodybuilder. David returns to tell the story of when he committed a drive-by against Danny Trejo.

M25 Show Episode #225: Ball Towel

Alberto only washes his towel once a week. Steve finally finished watching the R. Kelly documentary. Eddie would do videos on Pornhub for $25,000 a month. Plus we talk with musician Dan Palmer of the band Zebrahead and play their newest single All My Friends Are Nobodies.

M25 Show Episode #223: Merry Christmas 2018

Alberto comes up with a name for a future M25 Show awards show. Steve had a rough start to the day. Eddie once did terrible things with a priest’s robe. David returns to finish off the year with his favorite memories of the past year. Plus we have model Beatrix Darling sing Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire and model Jenny Bee reads ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.