M25 Show Episode #274: Keep Your Peace

Alberto tells Steve not to make false claims about a sponsor. Steve isn’t a fan of flavored condoms. Eddie wouldn’t mind being eaten if we were stranded in the wild. Will tells us all about Greek mythology. Plus we talk with model Tiana La Lobita and play the song Do What You Feel by Eddie Angel.

M25 Show Episode #273: Water Sports

Alberto tells Eddie how to break up with his girlfriend. Steve thinks it’s okay to move on quickly when you spouse dies. Eddie is disappointed with the letter we received from a listener. Will would walk over a blow-up doll to his neighbor if it was delivered to him by mistake. Plus we play the song Space Walrus by Professor And The Madman.

M25 Show Episode #271: My Goal Is To Get It In Your Hole

Alberto gives Steve good news about the movie Blue Lagoon. Steve would prefer his woman be upfront with him that she doesn’t like sports. Eddie would populate a deserted island with his cousin. Will would not want to sit through four hours of golf for a girl. Plus we play the song Alright by Cadillac Tramps.

M25 Show Episode #269: We’re On M25 Time

Alberto wants to put Eddie and Will in danger for the YouTube channel. Steve is really interested in the Netfilx series You. Eddie would be a harsh judge. Will would only do Rage Yoga if he can drink hard liquor. Plus we play the song All My Friends Are Nobodies by Zebrahead.

M25 Show Episode #268: Merry Christmas 2019

Alberto gives out false internet discount information. Steve wants a new sofa for Christmas. Eddie once got tricked into a sex toy party and bought some merchandise. Will would play the nervous game with his friends in high school. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. See you next year.

M25 Show Episode #266: Eddie Bueller’s Day Off

Alberto does a lot of research during the show. Steve thinks people should get a real bike instead of a Peloton. Eddie shows up late and possibly stoned. Will would tell a friend if he had a sex dream about her. Plus we play the song Problems by Grand Old Evils.

M25 Show Episode #265: I’d Block Her

Alberto would tell Steve if he saw Eddie on Pornhub. Steve ordered some special rings for himself. Eddie has no problem with couples messing up his bathroom. Will is absent again. Plus we talk with Michael R. Keller and the models of Elite Modeling Events and play a song by Thomas Van.