M25 Show Episode #243: Juice Box Delight

Alberto wants to get a prison pen-pal for the show. Steve almost got the show kicked off Facebook again. Eddie can’t describe what a vagina feels like. David missed the show this week. Plus we talk with model Danielle Diamond and feature music for the band Iron Rooster.

M25 Show Episode #242: A Mermaid’s Blowjob

Alberto is excited for Star Wars Land. Steve wants to know the difference between Drake and R Kelly. Eddie has never sexted anyone. David gets a special happy birthday wish from Steve. Plus we talk with model Krista Nicole.

M25 Show Episode #241: Fight For The Butt

Alberto describes how the dinosaurs died. Steve can’t wait to see the movie A Dog’s Journey. Eddie is missing in action. David would be willing to do a threesome. Plus we talk with model/pinup girl Jeane Harlot and feature the song Soul 2 Sail from Iron Rooster.

M25 Show Episode #240: Pool Splashing Noises

Alberto informs Steve on the new term for sitting Indian style. Steve believes the woman should always pay on the first date. Eddie sneaks into the studio late. David has his porno name all ready to go. Plus we talk with model Jade Moon.

M25 Show Episode #239: The Eddie Toy

Alberto ruins Steve’s dreams. Steve wonders why the other members don’t promote the show. Eddie isn’t planning any special celebrations for when he’s done with child support. David got Shaquille O’Neal to come on the show. Plus we talk with model Dara Lynn and feature music from The Whining Pussys.

M25 Show Episode #238: Flat Flat Cold Prairies

Alberto has trimmed his private area. Steve knows a special way to hard boil an egg. Eddie spends a lot of time confessing about the show. David would like a special apple pie a la mode. Plus we talk with model Rachel Anese.

M25 Show Episode #237: Going Ham

Alberto thinks he’s too good for past show models. Steve grosses out the show with stories from porn sites. Eddie claims he’s going to quit the show. David has an R Kelly moment. Plus we talk with model Avangelin Gomez.

M25 Show Episode #236: Truffle Butter

Alberto doesn’t do much this show. Steve used to call phone sex hotlines from a payphone. Eddie wouldn’t do video sex. David shouldn’t be left alone with beach towels. Plus we talk with international Playboy model Juliet Amelia.

M25 Show Episode #234: Something’s Working

Alberto doesn’t care if Steve goes to jail. Steve is battling the flu this week. Eddie thinks he knows when he’s pleasuring a woman. David doesn’t like to eat Good & Plenty. Plus we talk with model Tori Amaya.