The M25 Show Episode #365: The Birdie Awards

Alberto finds out why Steve wanted him to play bass guitar. Steve falls off his chair trying to retrieve his phone. Eddie claims that he can’t hear something beeping in the background. Plus we talk with musician Warren Renfrow, member of such bands as Manic Hispanic, Cadillac Tramps and Greg Antisla & The Lonely Streets.

The M25 Show Episode #362: A Thousand Times

Alberto didn’t get an important link from Steve in time for the show. Steve thinks it’s okay to flip off your boss behind their back. Eddie had to remove his air conditioner because of all the recent rain. Elissa uncovers repressed memories of her friend zoning guys. Plus we talk with Actor/Producer Scott Hamm Duenas about his upcoming film ReBroken.

The M25 Show Episode #360: Elissa The Enforcer

Alberto researches the loan shark from Rocky. Steve feels like he’s the only one who cares about the show’s promos. Eddie informs us about a new male birth control. Elissa is out breaking people’s legs today. Plus we talk with Tkessi Rodolfo and CEO of Mainstage Music Group Jonathan Price.

The M25 Show Episode #357: Pete’s Diary

Alberto makes his Pick’em Challenge victory speech. Steve has been watching the NFL playoffs with interest. Eddie wants to use the new Natural Wunderz bodywash with turmeric. Elissa misses the first show of the year. Plus we talk with Author/Musician/Motivational Speaker Peter Davidson of Pete’s Diary.

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The M25 Show Episode #356: Merry Christmas 2022

Join Steve, Alberto, Eddie and Elissa as they celebrate Christmas 2022.. The gang welcome special guests Mistress Amy, Elvis Tribute Artist Rod “The King”, The Cougar of Comedy, Musician Ed Gage, Another Hood Classic and Remo Da Goat, Tatiana, TrapGod Kirk, Charles Cedric Kinyon, South Texas Cheech, and Sancho Claus. The show wraps up with the Boy Wonder himself, Burt Ward reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

See you in 2023